Become an E-Pulsive Partner

Market Leader in Fitness Innovation

E-Pulsive is a dynamic and fast-growing leader in innovation across the health and fitness industry. We offer a unique opportunity that is driven by quality, reputation and convenience whiling setting ourselves apart from the competition with a success-driven model for franchisees.

We created a highly functional training programme which is both time-saving and effective. The pairing of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) with conventional cardio and strength training exercises has shown to be the most effective method for burning fat and building lean muscle mass.

E-Pulsive has taken these modern lifestyle factors into account and created a workout system that offers a variety of fun as well as functional and efficient workouts to achieve optimal results, personal and professional achievement and life transformations.

Low Cost & High Margins

Not only do we provide clients with a premium fitness experience through our unique training systems, we also offer franchisees the business opportunity to join our network requiring only a low set-up cost, yet providing high profit margins.

Whether you are an operator or investor in an E-Pulsive franchise, our premium product combined with our staffing and operating efficiencies are the key reasons for our worldwide expansion.

Strong Media Presence

We work with a number of socialites, actors, models and bloggers. All of them use E-Pulsive on a regular basis resulting in a strong, global media presence. Here are some of our biggest advocates.