E-Pulsive prides itself to be the leading and fastest growing EMS company in the UK. Several major magazines and newspapers reviewed our training programme. The results speak for themselves.

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"A 20-minute EMS workout equivalent to 90 minutes in the gym is surely a dream of many."


“I see a wonderful sweat-free, gym-free, in-shape life hovering tantalisingly in front of me. Where do I sign?”

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“There is no doubt that the class felt effective. Abs were tighter and muscles certainly ached. Is this the new quick fix for fitness in the 21st Century?”


“It makes exercises up to 40 per cent more intensive than traditional weight-training. I’ve lost two inches around my waist and gained muscle with very little effort. I feel like I’ve cheated!”

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“The world’s most efficient personal training method has finally come to London”

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“You can certainly feel the effects for days afterwards! “


“Stars everywhere are taking to Instagram in their EMS suits,  designed to conduct electrical impulses around the body.”


E-Pulsive is perfect for anyone who is stretched for time yet keen to see results.”


“For muscle toning and fat loss, it’s an incredibly efficient option.”


“Right now, it’s all about E-Pulsive. After just four sessions, our abs – notoriously the hardest part of the body to tone – were noticeably more defined. No wonder Usain Bolt and Rafael Nadal are fans.”

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It’s so fast and convenient, I may give up my gym membership.”



EMS is seeing itself targeted by athletes and regular gym users because its technology enables them to work out better, simpler and in a more effective way.


“After just four sessions your slimming, toning or muscle-building specifications can be met.”


“If you’re too busy for the gym, there is always tech.”


“It is the new celebrity fitness trend that is shockingly good for your body.”


“Gym-goers can pack a 90-minute HIIT training class into a 20-minute session.”