All you need to know about EMS training

At E-Pulsive, we offer 20-minute personal training sessions based on the renowned ‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’ (EMS) concept, in order to support every client in reaching their target body shape, using as little effort and time as possible. Private and partner sessions are available at our studio in South Kensington, London.



EMS stands for ‘Electrical Muscle Stimulation’. This training method utilises electrical impulses to achieve a controlled contraction of the skeletal striated muscles. In conventional training, muscles are controlled by the central nervous system via electrical signals to cause contraction and therefore movement. In EMS training, however, the musculature receives external electrical impulses. Due to our muscles inability to differentiate between internal and external signals, this allows the muscles to contract without a signal from the central nervous system.

EMS is gaining increased attention among athletes, fashion models as well as weekend warriors. It has the potential to aid in the following: weight loss, low-impact high-intensity strength training, body toning and skin tightening. The best part, it only takes 20 minutes!

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The electrical impulse will be weak and hardly noticeable initially. Your personal trainer will adjust the impulse level throughout the workout according to your needs. A typical 20-minute strength program consists of two repeating phases, each lasting for four seconds. Within four seconds, the electrical impulse triggers the contraction of the muscles. This is then followed by four seconds of relaxation. The personal trainer will demonstrate the exercises, which will be tailored to your individual training goals, as well as control and correct your movements throughout the training session. Although we have a purpose-made EMS gym in South Kensington, we can also carry out EMS sessions in your home or at your office too as our systems are portable and only require little space.

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Electrical muscle stimulation was most commonly used in physical therapy only targeting an individual muscle group. A whole body 20-minute EMS workout however, comprises the advantages of the original as well as a new, innovative form of EMS. The simultaneous activation of the agonists, antagonists and the stabilisation musculature results in a comprehensive whole body workout. Muscles can be addressed more intensively and for a longer period of time. Additionally, partial muscle tensions and imbalances can be reduced, resulting in a significantly better form.


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Scientific studies reveal that the following results can be achieved in a 12 week period using the E-Pulsive 20-minute strength training program: 9% body fat loss and 4kg (9lbs) weight loss*, 30% increase in strength*, 89% of all probands felt substantially stronger and tighter*, 98% of all muscles were engaged during a workout*. There are several studies which prove that devices utilising EMS technology are safe to the human body.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual.