Are you looking to expand your wellness offering and future-proof your business? Here’s what we can offer you:

A pioneering fitness offering

E-Pulsive offers results-driven training that delivers in a short amount of time – the perfect solution for busy, modern lifestyles. By pairing electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) with cardio and strength exercises, we have identified the most efficient way to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. This innovative approach also meets the demands of today’s clients who are increasingly looking for a workout that is both functional and fun.

A high-margin product

Whether you are an operator or an investor, setting up an E-Pulsive franchise is low-cost thanks to our highly efficient staff and operating systems, and the unique design of our training sessions. This means good profit margins and an immediate ROI.

A strong media presence

Since founding E-Pulsive, we have built up a far-reaching network of clients that includes well-known actors, models and influencers. These individuals use E-Pulsive on a regular basis and are all powerful advocates for the brand and share the benefits of the workout to an engaged, global audience. 

If you would like to discuss setting up an E-Pulsive franchise, please get in touch via the contact form.